A Wave of Veterans Are Pouring Out Support for Kaepernick After National Anthem Protest

Colin Kaepernick is still catching heat for his refusal to stand during the National Anthem. Since Friday, he’s been called out by many veterans for disrespecting the flag that they fought for.

But on Tuesday, a group of veterans started to show their support for the 49ers quarterback.

While we’re unable to verify who is a veteran and who isn’t, the hashtag #VeteransForKaepernick became a top trend on Twitter on Tuesday.

The first tweet actually came from Wink Westwood, a Black Lives Matter supporter, on August 28th:

It started to pick up steam on Tuesday.

Taking a bit of a risk to speak out, active duty members used the trend to voice their support:

And some called Kaepernick a hero for what he did:

One pointed out how choosing to defend this nation means protecting everyone’s rights equally:

And even used Black Lives Matter in their tweets while expressing their support:


Others said they didn’t sign up to fight for a song:

And they feel like police brutality isn’t being talked about like it should:

To emphasize his stance, this veteran brought up Rosa Parks sitting down:

Yet, there are some calling it a public relations stunt:


And then there was this reminder that they signed up to protect the right to criticize, too:

One guy even claimed that there is some stolen valor going on with those saying they’re veterans for Kaepernick:


And some veterans aren’t fans of it:


Meanwhile, Kaepernick plans to continue to sit down during the National Anthem, a decision that a lot of Americans aren’t taking lightly. The San Francisco 49ers’ next game, against the San Diego Chargers, will feature an annual Salute to the Military presentation.

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