Americans Believe ISIS Is the Most Critical Threat to the US According to Recent Polling

Gallup polled Americans about which possible threats to the U.S. are the most critical. While conflicts with Russia and the economic power of China are viewed with concern, responses placed terrorism and ISIS as the most urgent risks:

Image Credit: Gallup

However, a separate Gallup poll showed that the number of Americans who consider Russia as an enemy has doubled in the past year.

International leaders, including those from the U.S., see Russia as an instigator in the Ukrainian conflict. Despite on-going diplomacy efforts, the ceasefire agreed to last week already looks shaky. Over the past year, the growing conflict in Ukraine has tested ties between Russia and the United States.

In another poll conducted by Gallup, only 40 percent of Americans favor the U.S. sending weapons to Ukraine:

Image Credit: Gallup

The growing threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, including the beheading of American, British and Japanese hostages, has put the terrorist organization ahead of all other threats in the minds of American citizens. Even though President Obama has considered sending “lethal aid” to Ukraine, ISIS still remains the number one priority to most Americans.

According to Gallup:

“The Islamic State has continually been a focal point on the world stage over the past several months as it has brutally executed hostages — including several Americans, leading 84% of their fellow citizens to rank the terrorist group as a critical threat. Americans place the threat from international terrorism in general at the same level.”

It appears ISIS and global terrorism will continue to worry Americans, as long as the lives of U.S. citizens continue to be at risk at home and abroad.

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