After a Rough Week, National Pizza Day Is Exactly What We All Need

Between conflicts between political parties, intensified emotions and protests erupting over the results of the presidential election results, it’s been a long week. A week that has made some of us question our fellow man.

Fortunately, our faith in our ability to overcome our different opinions can be restored with National Pizza Day.

Plain, pepperoni, veggie — it’s a day when all pizza choices are equally celebrated (well, except anchovies; no one likes anchovies).

Unlike many of this week’s trending topics, National Pizza Day was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction on Twitter. Proving that, when it comes to pizza, United We Stand.

Some combined politics and pizza.

Animals were well-represented.

Love was all around.

Others just acknowledged the true happiness this day brings.

People agreed pizza just makes the world great…again and again.

It’s been a busy week, so sit down and grab a slice of pie.

What do you think?

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