After Nearly Wall to Wall Coverage of Protests, CNN Lets a Truth Bomb Slip On Who ‘Promoted’ Them

Wednesday night, CNN heavily covered the stories of people across America protesting the presidential election results. The impression left on many viewers was that the protests were spontaneous and organic.

But in between interviewing protesters about their beefs, CNN reporter Jean Casarez dropped a truth bomb:

“This was promoted by Socialist Advantage and one of the things they said the purpose of this rally was for was, was to not only protest the election of Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States but also to protest that the Democratic party had let them down.”

‘Socialist Advantage’ was the hashtag many used to communicate on Twitter:

And it turns out the real group ‘promoting’ the protests was really called “Socialist Alternative.”

And it’s the name of the social media presence for the Socialist Party:

The Socialist Party and its offshoots have been linked to both Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

Like the other efforts, these election protests allegedly appeared to have been organized in advance:

In his series of undercover videos, “Rigging the Election,” James O’Keefe uncovered Democratic party officials who admitted to helping organize violence at Trump rallies and protests which were financed by Democratic billionaire George Soros.

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