After NYT Mocks Gary Johnson for Gaffe, It Issues a Correction. Then a Correction of the Correction.

Gary Johnson became the subject of a merciless flogging on social media for not realizing what “Morning Joe” panelist Mike Barnacle meant when he asked him, “What would you do, if elected, about Aleppo?”

The now-infamous response from the Libertarian Party candidate: “What is Aleppo?”

Never mind the unusual phrasing of the MSNBC commentator’s question, which one could surmise would not be directed at Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in such an unusual manner, at least without the cue that he’s referring to “Syria.”

Or that the majority of the American people struggle with foreign city names (and if you’re the exception out there, pat yourself on the back).

One of the most egregious takedowns came from the New York Times, whose presumptuous “fact check” of Johnson contained an error that was far worse than anything Johnson said.

On its initial attempt to mock, scorn, and abuse Johnson, The Gray Lady reported that Aleppo is the “de facto capital of the Islamic State.”

When it was caught that this could be disputed due to many considering the “de facto” capital of the Islamic State to be Raqqa, it changed the text to a “stronghold” of the Islamic State, as noted by Independent Journal Review’s Justin Green.

And… let’s try this again, this time with “wartorn.”

Screenshot - 9_8_2016 , 4_00_21 PM

Alright, and how about that correction?

Oops. And a correction of the correction?

After piling on Gary Johnson after a mistake that honestly many people would have made, and which he was refreshingly honest about, people were not kind to The New York Times.

It sucks to be arrogant and obnoxious sometimes. Nobody’s perfect, not even the New York Times.

What do you think?

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