Alan Thicke’s Son Just Got Tragic News in Custody Battle Over His Own Child

This past year has been a rough one for the Thicke family.

First, beloved TV dad Alan Thicke suddenly passed in December of 2016.

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Now, Alan’s son, singer/songwriter Robin Thicke, is embroiled in a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Paula Patton concerning their six-year-old son, Julian:

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The couple had been together for over 21 years but called it quits in 2015, when Paula served Robin divorce papers due to infidelity and drug and alcohol abuse:

While the two appeared to be in sync with their co-parenting for the last two years, Paula recently asked the court for full custody over their son. In the process, she made some shocking and violent claims about the singer.

Wednesday morning, Paula stood before an L.A. judge and explained that her ex-husband had repeatedly punched and kicked her while they were together.

To make matters even worse, court documents issued on January 12 show that Paula accused Robin of “physically abusing” their son, stating that Julian had become “scared” of his father after he spanked him in an aggressive manner:

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In light of the extreme allegations, the judge issued a restraining order that bans Robin from being within 100 feet of his son, ex-wife and her mother Joyce Patton, until the next court date on February 24.

In Paula’s 52-page request for a domestic violence restraining order, which was obtained by PEOPLE, the actress’s attorney, Larry Bakman, wrote:

“[Patton] is in reasonable apprehension of imminent serious bodily injury to herself and the child.”

The report later said:

“Robin had a temper and could be volatile at times.

The documents listed a number of abusive episodes by Robin, one of which reportedly took place on Julian’s third birthday in April of 2013:

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Paula stated that she:

“Observed him (Robin) to have inappropriate contact with the masseuse … Robin became so enraged that I had interrupted his ‘massage’ that he broke down the locked door.

Robin became physically violent with me. He pushed me down and kicked me.”

Paula references another incident in that same year, which took place at the Cannes Film Festival, where she stated that her ex-husband punched her with a closed fist in the chest.

The documents read:

“We began fighting. Robin hit me with a closed fist to my upper body and then pushed me onto the ground.”

Later adding:

“Given Robin’s history of hitting me with a closed fist, pushing me onto the ground and kicking me.

I had no doubt he was capable of hitting Julian, particularly after having used cocaine, alcohol or whatever other substances with which he is presently involved.”

As for why Paula didn’t leave Robin earlier, despite him admitting to having had unprotected sex with seven women while on tour that year, Paula stated:

“I wanted to leave Robin but at the same time, I was incredibly fearful of angering him, and I did not want our son to grow up in a broken home. I was afraid of Robin’s volatility, his retribution.

He would often threaten that he would leave both of us penniless given IRS tax liens incurred by him during the course of the marriage.”

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Despite Paula’s lengthy and serious allegations against her ex-husband, Robin and his lawyers have denied all physical abuse towards Paula and Jullian.

In fact, Jullian’s nanny, Adrienne Levy, who has looked after him since he was born, filed a declaration with the court on January 25 backing up Robin’s side of the story.

Levy said she has “never found any spankings to be excessive in any way.”

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Adding the spankings were: “unremarkable, token spankings that are sparsely given.”

Levy also stated that Paula became upset with her when she would not agree to tell the court that Robin was an unfit father.

Robin believes these harsh allegations are just now coming out because Paula was not invited to his beloved father’s funeral service.

According to TMZ, Robin said:

“Paula did not have a positive relationship with my father and often made negative comments to me about my father. As such, she was not welcome at his funeral.”

Paula currently has sole custody of their son.

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