Anthony Weiner Finally Quits Twitter After Photo Emerges of Him Sexting While His Son Was in the Bed

America is familiar with Anthony Weiner, the former US Congressman who resigned in disgrace after being caught sending racy photos to women on the Internet.

Weiner is back in the news, and it looks like it’s so bad that he’s (at least temporarily) quit Twitter.

The New York Post reported Sunday on a series of messages he allegedly sent to a “busty brunette” in 2015. Weiner was reportedly discussing massage parlors with his online paramour when he said the following:

“Someone just climbed into my bed,” Weiner wrote.

“Really?” she responded.

Weiner then hit “send” on the cringe-inducing image, which shows a bulge in his white, Jockey-brand boxer briefs and his son cuddled up to his left, wrapped in a light-green blanket.

“You do realize you can see you[r] Weiner in that pic??” the woman wrote.

Incredibly, despite having been forced to resign from Congress after being caught tweeting a lewd photo, Weiner was reportedly sending these photos by Twitter direct message, and even worried he’d been exposed again:

“Ooooooh . . . I was scared. For half a second I thought I posted something. Stop looking at my crotch,” Weiner wrote back.

“Whatever. You did it on purpose,” she replied.

“O I see you thought you posted on your TL [public timeline] not DM [direct message]. S–t happens be careful,” she added.

WARNING: If you’re at this point in the story, you should realize the following pictures are not safe for work:

The woman on the receiving end of Weiner’s photographs told the New York Post that their flirtation, which never resulted in a physical meeting, began in 2015 and ran through last month.

Weiner claimed to have undergone therapy after his sexting scandal, and he remains married to Huma Abedin, a top adviser to Hillary Clinton.

Weiner’s paramour, a “40-something divorcee,” identified herself to the Post as a Trump-supporting fan of the NRA who hates Clinton and President Obama.

On Monday, people noticed that Weiner had vanished from Twitter:

Will he come back to Twitter, or was this the final straw for the man whose wife could soon be a White House staffer?

What do you think?

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