Army Set to Bring Back Iconic WWII Uniform. Soldiers Rejoice.

If you’re a fan of WWII history, get ready to have a very good day.

The Sergeant Major of the Army, Dan Dailey, wants to make the Army vintage again. Daley is leading an effort to resurrect arguably the Army’s most iconic uniform: the classic WWII era “Pink and Greens.” You will recognize the look from countless war movies and classic photos such as this one:

You will recognize the look from countless war movies and classic photos such as this one:

PhotoQuest/Getty Images

And from series like HBO’s “Band of Brothers”:

HBO/Band of Brothers

A closer look from the Rathbone Museum collection:

He wears standard issue US Army ‘pinks and greens’ with the personal choice of a pink private purchase shirt, green tie and green officers overseas cap vs. the visored garrison hat.

Dailey has a great chance of making this happen. According to a report in Army Times, the Sergeant Major will be making the case to bring back the iconic uniform to the Army’s uniform board meeting later this month. During the interview, Dailey said of the uniform:

That was the uniform of the ‘Greatest Generation.’ There was a lot of prestige and honor associated with that. The American public identified with that uniform. We think that is more appropriate than trying to create something new.

He is also armed with a survey, sent to thousands of Army enlisted men and women, asking if a return to the WWII uniform is preferable to today’s Army uniform. The results, as reported by the Army Times:

In February, at Dailey’s request, Army Times emailed a survey about the pinks and greens to about 28,000 active-duty Army Times subscribers. Respondents had about a week to respond, and more than 5,000 of them did.

About 77 percent of respondents — all of whom said they were active-duty soldiers — said they like the World War II uniform. In addition, 72 percent said they would like the uniform to come back as an optional item, and almost 59 percent said they prefer it over the Army Service Uniform worn today.

Daley says the return to the uniform will act as a nod to the Army’s treasured history and also provide a much-needed ‘formality’ uniform to wear during regular business that is not a combat camouflage uniform.

On social media, Army enlisted and retired alike rejoiced in the proposition:

Almost makes me wish I was still in, always did like the way this uniform looked.

Posted by Andy McDonald on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

So what do you think? Ready for some pink and greens?

What do you think?

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