Young Military Academy Cadets Mocked Left-Wing Causes Mercilessly At the Army-Navy Game

On a blistering cold night in Baltimore, the most time-honored of military traditions was played out for three hours on a windswept, icy field, as the Army Black Knights bested the Navy Midshipmen, for the first time in fourteen years.

The rivalry is one of the nation’s proudest and oldest. The thunderous, monolithic, immaculately decorated military academy student sections mercilessly taunt and mock each other from across the stadium as the game plays out. However, this year the game is being played with a new military landscape ahead.

This was the first Army-Navy game in recent memory where Obama’s vision of a lead-from-behind, inclusive, softer military seems a fading, distant memory. Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump and his unpolished military-loving, political bluntness is the new normal.

The Army-Navy Game was not a safe space.

Image Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Trump himself loomed large at the game. Not even President yet, he commanded roaring cheers from all corners of the stadium when his waving, fist-pumping image was shown on the Jumbotron. The President-elect himself was meme-ified throughout the stands, where his image and most politically incorrect statements were printed on banners intended to mock the competing academy.

Both academies, typically steeped in on-the-record respect for elected officials and mandated political correctness, let lose in their own ways, mocking the many movements of the political Left. Among those lampooned were the Black Lives Matter movement, Trump’s ‘grab ’em by the p***y’ comment, “safe spaces” and a lot of jokes about goat rape.

***This is your trigger warning***

Before even entering the Army-Navy game, you are confronted with this sweater, cheering on our next ‘Secretary of Offense’ Mad Dog Mattis.

In eight short years, ‘Hope and Change’ has become ‘Kill ‘Em All.’

So proud.

[gif_wrapper url= width=’100%’ ar=0.56470588235294 background=]

There was also a flame shooting fire truck with many American flags flying on it.

(This is most-likely not carbon neutral.)

A great deal of Trump swag is being sold all around the stadium.

And Trump comments have been appropriated and weaponized against the other team.

But surely this is just the drunken rabble outside the stadium, right? Surely this political incorrectness will not follow us inside the stadium.


Trump has just as many fans inside the stadium.

And they make gigantic banners with his image on them.

And make their own MAGA hats.

This is definitely not a safe space.

There are tanks.


And cannons.

That really work.

There are also weapons just left laying around everywhere.

The Black Lives Matter movement is mocked.

As are the Navy’s sexual preferences.

Especially toward their goat mascot.

Do you see it?

Dank meme.

And then there is just straight military academy trolling.

“What ship isn’t in the Navy? Leadership.”


There is also quite a bit of open, Christian praying on the sideline.

You can read the story behind this prayer HERE.

But this game is really about one thing: celebrating our Armed Services and those young Americans from all walks who volunteer their lives to serve in them.  They are incredible…

…even if they are politically incorrect trolls, just for one night.

All images credit: Benny Johnson/Independent Journal Review

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