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Julio is a writer for IJR. He is also serving as a reservist in the Marine Corps....

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Rep Frederica Wilson Is Back and Is Once Again Targeting Gen Kelly
By Julio Rosas - 3 hours ago
Rep. Frederica Wilson is once again going after White House Chief of Staff Gen. (Ret.) John Kelly. Weeks after the controversy of how
As Players Stood for the National Anthem Inside AT&T Stadium, People on the Outside Had a Different Idea
By Julio Rosas - 4 hours ago
As the Dallas Cowboys were set to play against the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium, there was something happening outside of the v
Piers Morgan Saw a Pro-Gun Sign for a Church — And Boy Is He Triggered
By Julio Rosas - 5 hours ago
As IJR previously reported, the River at Tampa Bay Church has had a sign on every entrance of its building warning would-be criminals
Sen Franken Has Made a Decision After Calls for Him to Resign — He's Taking It in Another Direction
By Julio Rosas - a day ago
After the bombshell report that Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) forced a woman to kiss him while on a USO tour and groped her while she slept i
After Lena Dunham Defended 'Girls' Writer, She's Now Losing People From Her Own Site
By Julio Rosas - a day ago
Since actress and activist Lena Dunham defended a writer from the show “Girls” from accusations of rape and sexual assault, the backla
After Walking Free, Sen Menendez Says the FBI Went After Him Because He Is Latino
By Julio Rosas - 3 days ago
After the corruption trial of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was declared a mistrial by U.S. District Judge William Walls, the senator gave
South Carolina Women's Basketball Team Was Invited to the White House and This Is How They Responded
By Julio Rosas - 3 days ago
On Friday, President Donald Trump welcomed over 18 National Collegiate Athletic Association teams to the White House. One team notably
Dem Gubernatorial Candidate and Ohio Supreme Court Justice Stuns Internet, Reveals His Sex History
By Julio Rosas - 3 days ago
Current Ohio Supreme Court Justice and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill O'Neill shocked the internet by listing some of his sex
One Florida Church Is Letting the Bad Guys Know Attacking Them Would Be a Bad Idea
By Julio Rosas - 3 days ago
In the wake of the mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas — which killed 26 people — one church in Florida
The Woman Driving With 'F**k Trump' Sticker on Her Truck Just Got Smacked With Reality
By Julio Rosas - 3 days ago
Pickup truck owner Karen Fonseca made headlines for the large sticker on the back of her vehicle. The sticker reads, “F**k Trump and f
Gabby Giffords's Gun Control Group Warns Muzzleloaders Could Be the 'Next Bump Stock'
By Julio Rosas - 4 days ago
Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and her husband and retired Capt. Mark Kelly's pro-gun control group, Giffords — previously know
More Bad News for Sen. Al Franken as Sen. Mitch McConnell Calls for Ethics Investigation
By Julio Rosas - 4 days ago
With the news Thursday of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) being accused of sexual assault during a USO tour in 2006 by model and news anchor Le
'Family Guy' Destroys Political Correctness and Faux Internet Outrage in Only One Scene
By Julio Rosas - 4 days ago
In the latest episode of “Family Guy,” Brian Griffin — the family's dog and outspoken liberal who drives a Prius — learns a hard lesso
Jon Stewart Has a Problem With People Wanting Less-Biased Comedy: 'Tough Sh*t'
By Julio Rosas - 4 days ago
During an interview with The New York Times, comedian Jon Stewart showed he doesn't take too kindly to people who want comedy that is
Boston Globe Op-Ed Says Forget the Second Amendment and Turn in All Your Guns
By Julio Rosas - 5 days ago
An op-ed that appeared in the Boston Globe on Friday did away with the formalities and admitted that if gun control advocates really w
NFL Legend Jim Brown Changed His Stance on Anthem Protests When They Knelt on Veterans Day
By Julio Rosas - 5 days ago
In August, Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown made headlines for responding to Colin Kaepernick's protest of the national anthem.
Members of Congress Just Announced Their Articles of Impeachment for President Trump
By Julio Rosas - 5 days ago
Democratic members of Congress introduced their articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning.At the
Country Music Singer's New Song Blasts National Anthem Protesters — And It's a Scorcher
By Julio Rosas - 5 days ago
Country music singer Neal McCoy was performing in Missouri when he decided to unveil a new song, a song so new that he had to read the
Linda Sarsour Says 'American Hero' Colin Kaepernick Will Be Remembered Like Muhammad Ali
By Julio Rosas - 6 days ago
As part of its profile on Colin Kaepernick for awarding him 2017 “Citizen of the Year,” GQ interviewed activist Linda Sarsour, and she
20-Year-Old Black Republicans Just Made History in Liberal State — You Likely Haven’t Heard About It
By Julio Rosas - 6 days ago
With the November 2017 elections seeing big wins for Democrats in the statewide races, there were two significant wins for Republicans
Joe Biden Says the Hero Texan Who Stopped the Church Shooting Should Not Have Been Armed With Rifle
By Julio Rosas - 6 days ago
Former Vice President Joe Biden was asked how Democrats can defend a request for a ban on AR-15 rifles after the Texas church shooting
Parents of Soldier Killed Looking for Bowe Bergdahl Respond to Him Not Receiving Any Jail Time
By Julio Rosas - 6 days ago
With the news of Bowe Bergdahl not receiving any jail time despite pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, many
USA Today Lists 'Chainsaw Bayonet' as Possible Modification to AR-15, And People Are Losing Their Minds
By Julio Rosas - 12 days ago
In order to help explain what an AR-15 is to its audience, USA Today published a video showing different attachments that can be added
Hillary Clinton Emerges on Election Night to Take Credit for the Democratic Victories
By Julio Rosas - 12 days ago
With Democrats making large gains in the state of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Virginia on Tuesday night — and on the eve of her