Behind-the-Scenes Look at What President Trump Saw When He Opened White House to See… Screaming Kids

On Tuesday, a group of kids from Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, Alabama, took a tour of the White House.

According to the White House’s website, the group would have seen the wonders of the Vermeil Room and the China Room.

Image Credit: The White House Image Credit: The White House

On the State Floor, they could feast their eyes on the marvels of the East Room and the State Dining Room.

Image Credit: The White House Image Credit: The White House

However, the greatest sight the kids would see happened outside any of these famous rooms.

Cliff Sims, the Special Assistant to the President and Director of Message Strategy at the White House, told Independent Journal Review:

“The staff let the group know they had a surprise for them and had them gather around in the grand hallway on the ground floor of the White House.”

As the kids anxiously waited for their surprise behind a red, velvet rope, a special guest was making his way towards the grand hallway.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

A video captured by Sims shows President Donald Trump walking purposefully through a short hallway made of accordion dividers, before revealing himself for the surprise of a lifetime:

The video is taken from the president’s point of view and shows a crowd of impatient young kids going wild with excitement.

Amid cheers of shock and awe, the president extends an arm and singles out one boy. While Trump has his arms open wide, the boy stands up and points to himself, seemingly unsure if the president really means he can come closer.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

With encouragement from his classmates, the boy walks around the rope and approaches the president, who wraps his arm around the boy’s shoulder.

The kids from Briarwood Christian School was understandably shocked when the President of the United States took time out of his schedule to greet them. Sims, however, was not. He told IJR:

“President Trump loves interacting directly with the American people. He did it all throughout his campaign, and it continues to be one of his favorite parts of being the president.”

With a larger-than-life personality, there’re many words that can be used to sum up the embodiment of Donald Trump. If Sims had to choose only three of those words, it would be:

“The People’s President.”

While “The People’s President” was rightfully the focus of the extraordinary moment, he wasn’t the only political big wig in the room.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

The painting of the former secretary of state was unveiled on June 14, 2014. The portrait was commissioned by Simmie Knox and was painted as part of a set with one of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Mark Wilson

This isn’t the first time that President Trump has reached out directly to America’s youth.

On Friday, Trump visited a 4th grade class in Florida and encouraged one aspiring female entrepreneur to “make a lot of money,” but advised her to “not run for politics after.”

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