Ben Stein Rips Into ‘One-Party’ Hollywood ‘Snobs’ & Reveals Just How Far the Bullying Has Gone

As both a presidential speech writer and actor Ben Stein has the unique qualifications to analyze the political climate of Hollywood.

During an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Stein accused Hollywood of being a “one party, one policy” state. He said:

“You cannot go against the prevailing wisdom. You cannot go against the wisdom of the crowd or you’re in real trouble.”

Before the segment, Stein claimed that he was reviewing a list of his party guests from 1976 and realized that most of the “big names” on the list won’t speak to him anymore because he is Republican.

During a peak in his acting career, his unpopular pro-life stance was one of his political beliefs that hurt him professionally.

According to Stein, he isn’t the only actor who’s aware of the Democratic stronghold over Hollywood. He told Cavuto:

“There are plenty of people in Hollywood who like Donald Trump, but are afraid to say a word about it because they know they will be paying consequences for it.”

The actor claimed he knew this “for a fact” and described how people who oppose the popular opinion “pay dearly” for their decision:

“I know people who have lost friends or even lost agents over this, and an agent is a very, very important person to have…To be blacklisted socially and to know that your friends don’t want to be your friends anymore is a bad thing.”

While not everyone is “trying to shut down free debate,” Stein generalized Hollywood as the “most thuggish bullies” in West Side Story. He also called out the hypocrisy of what actors say and how they act:

“A biggest bunch of bullies you’ve ever seen in your life…they are a united black-listing front who will go against anyone that they think is politically undesirable. They are not for freedom of speech, they are not for freedom of expression. They are exactly the opposite of that.”

Often thought of as self proclaimed “proletarians” and revolution leaders, Stein said a more accurate label would be “snob.” This, he claimed, is the central basis of their hatred of Donald Trump.

He related Trump to a famous character from the 1970s sitcom “All in the Family”:

“They’re also incredible snobs, so they look down on Donald Trump even though he’s rich because they think he’s trashy rich. Like Archie Bunker who suddenly got 11 billion dollars.”

While conservative actors such as Vince Vaughn, Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson are at risk of facing professional repercussions for their political views, there was one Republican president whom Hollywood was permitted to publicly support.

Stein claimed President Ronald Reagan was a “special case” and that although a lot of actors hated him, he was an acceptable choice because he “was one of them.”

Despite potential consequences, it seems a select Hollywood few are starting to fight back against the status quo.

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