The Big Red Flood: Take A Look At These Four Maps To See Just How the Country Changed Yesterday

The New York Times published these excellent visual representations of yesterday’s election results, including analyses based upon before and after polling. And they are pretty stunning.

Results on the 35 Senate races:

The Democrats won each seat they were expected to win, as did Republicans, including Louisiana, which will have a run-off on December 6th, as both candidates were under 50%. Of the 7 toss-up races, Republicans won 6, their only loss being in New Hampshire. Fifteen states held no Senate election. Net change of +7 for the Republicans.

Results on the House races:

The results of these races were better than expected for Republicans, as they picked up a CA seat that was supposed to be an easy Democrat win and three that the Democrats were considered to narrowly win. On the toss-up races, Republicans took 17 while the Democrats took only 7. Other than in Louisiana, where 2 races will be decided in a run-off next month, Republicans gained every other seat they were expected to. Net change of +14 for Republicans.

Results on the 36 Governor races:

Democrats won on 3 toss-ups, whereas Republicans won 9 and the Independent won in Alaska. Net change of +3 for Republicans.

Some interesting exit polling facts:

One thing is abundantly clear: the country insisted on a change of direction yesterday. And here’s to hoping that the new leadership doesn’t disappoint.

Note: This article was edited for content after publication.

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