Border Patrol Agents Say Morale Is Up ‘Exponentially’ Because of Trump’s Approach to Their Jobs

The first several weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have not lacked news stories about which people are and are not enjoying his presidency so far.

The media has a well-documented rough relationship with the new president. It is well documented because the media loves talking about the media, as CNN does here:

The shocking decision by press secretary Sean Spicer to bar CNN, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Politico and the Los Angeles Times from a news briefing Friday signals that, for all its bluster and bravado, the Trump White House is an administration under siege.

The administration that’s “under siege” is apparently also going to find a way to destroy democracy:

Away from the media doom and gloom scenarios, however, many Americans are enjoying the beginning of the Trump era.

Investors have been thrilled thus far, propelling the stock market to new highs and its longest sustained winning streak in a quarter century, according to CNBC.

Attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference just enjoyed a speaker agenda that included both the vice president and president of the United States.

Another often overlooked (and occasionally malign) group is enjoying President Trump’s tenure too: federal agents tasked with handling illegal immigration and border issues are reveling in their new freedom. The New York Times reported:

“Morale amongst our agents and officers has increased exponentially since the signing of the orders,” the unions representing ICE and Border Patrol agents said in a joint statement after President Trump issued the executive orders on immigration late last month.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have seen a rapid overhaul of what their duties were during the Obama years:

But for those with ICE badges, perhaps the biggest change was the erasing of the Obama administration’s hierarchy of priorities, which forced agents to concentrate on deporting gang members and other violent and serious criminals, and mostly leave everyone else alone.

A whirlwind of activity has overtaken ICE headquarters in Washington in recent weeks, with employees attending back-to-back meetings about how to quickly carry out President Trump’s plans. “Some people are like: ‘This is great. Let’s give them all the tools they need,’” said a senior staff member at headquarters, who joined the department under the administration of George W. Bush.

The pace of the changes hasn’t been without hiccups, such as some confusion between local and federal law enforcement.

Despite that, the president’s aggressive agenda regarding one of his key campaign promises doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Officials just announced that contracts to build the border wall are going to be awarded in April.

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