Rumors Flew About Bristol Palin & Dakota Meyer Getting Engaged—Now They’ve Made an Announcement…

Recently, rumors of Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer’s pending nuptials have been swirling.

Some people might find it hard to believe, given all their custody drama over the past year, but E!News just confirmed that the couple is indeed married.

On one hand, we know that everything happens for a reason, and there are no mistakes or coincidences. On the other hand,…

Posted by Dakota Meyer on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Palin, a strong conservative public figure, and Meyer, a decorated war hero, fanned the flames of curiosity when a recent Instagram photo featured a diamond ring on Palin’s finger.

Though the couple called off their wedding in May 2015, they’ve been spending a lot of time together while parenting their 5-month-old daughter, Sailor Grace.

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The couple recently told E!:

“Life is full of ups and downs but in the end, you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.

“We are so happy to share with loved ones the wonderful news that we got married!”

They added:

“Hard work and God’s grace are the foundation of our new life together, and with the love and support of our family we know we can get through anything,”

Though the couple seemed to be growing closer while raising their child together, their secret wedding has definitely taken fans by surprise.

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