Carrie Underwood Texted Keith Urban to Ask if He Wanted to Skydive. He ‘Rips’ Her a Sassy Response

Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban are in Australia together for Urban’s ripCORD World Tour.

While there, Underwood decided to take in the sights by skydiving. And even though Underwood was the one who took the “fall,” Urban is the one who’s being questioned about letting it happen in a recent Twitter fan chat.

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Urban’s fan, Rachel, cleverly asks the singer:

“Where were you when Carrie went skydiving? I thought you said you wouldn’t let her fall?”

The question refers to the lyrics in the pair’s duet, “The Fighter,” from Urban’s album, “Ripcord”:

“What if I fall (I won’t let you fall) / What if I cry (I’ll never make you cry) / And if I get scared (I’ll hold you tighter) / When they’re tryin’ to get to you baby I’ll be the fighter”

Urban, responded, telling Rachel:

“I would never let Carrie fall. But thankfully, her parachute [and] skydiving instructor also did not let her. Carrie asked me if I wanted to go. She texted me and I texted back, ‘I think I’ll just keep Ripcord as an album title.’

So I passed on the skydiving. I don’t know that skydiving’s probably not in my near future, I’d like to have done it. I don’t want to do it, I’d like to have done it. Cuz you know the old adage— if at first you don’t succeed, maybe skydiving’s not for you.”

Despite Urban’s fears, Underwood looked more than happy while she was falling. She shared her journey from beginning to end…

Listen to Urban and Underwood together singing “The Fighter” here…

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