Casey Anthony’s Ex-Bodyguard Says First Question She Asked Immediately After Jail Let Him Know There Was a ‘Problem’

The whole country watched as Casey Anthony went on trial for the alleged murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2011. She was acquitted of the charge.

It’s no secret that most people believe Anthony did it, but to this day, no one has been found guilty.

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And now, in an explosive episode of the podcast “Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss,” Casey Anthony’s former bodyguard dropped a bombshell.

Rob Dick worked for Anthony from the moment she was released from jail in 2011, after being found not guilty of her daughter’s 2008 death.

He recalled the whole time as “completely insane.”

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Dick does believe that Anthony is guilty of murdering her daughter, but the reason behind his certainty has nothing to do with what was presented in court.

Instead, Dick recalled Anthony’s first night out of jail when he was driving the car:

“When she gets out, I’m driving her, [lead attorney Jose] Baez, Leonard [Padilla], going back to the family to [her parents] Cindy and George.”

He continued describing what happened when they arrived to the home:

“We get in there. It’s just a surreal thing. You know what should happen. Here’s a mom in jail for the last 30 days, supposedly not knowing where her child is for 60 days now. First question … what do you think it would be? Have you heard anything?”

But Dick explained that wasn’t what happened in the slightest:

“She was just completely happy, excited to see her parents. ‘What’s for dinner? Jail food sucks.'”

And that was when he knew she murdered her own child:

“There’s that moment right then that we’ve got a problem. It’s not about getting out and finding your child.”

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Although Dick believed she was behind the little girl’s death, he still couldn’t understand why it swept the nation:

“There are lots of women out there that killed their kid.”

And he made it a point to clarify that statement:

“…And I do say killed their kid.”

He talked about his experience trying to guard Anthony:

“At one point I’m standing in the front yard trying to keep a hundred to two hundred people from lynching her while somebody like Nancy Grace is doing a live show across the street. It didn’t seem real. Just craziness.”

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Regardless of his opinion, the evidence, and Anthony’s bizarre demeanor throughout the entire trial, Anthony was pronounced not guilty in July of 2011.

But Dick insists she’s not a serial killer, or for that matter suicidal, saying:

“She loves herself too much.”

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And as the nation’s obsession with the case fades over the passing years, it’s clear that Dick’s recollection of Anthony’s attitude towards her own daughter’s death will haunt him forever.

Editor’s note: this article was edited for content after publication.

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