NBA Legend Charles Barkley Goes Public With Devastating Message on Why He’s Endorsing a Republican

NBA great Charles Barkley turned quite a few heads when the longtime Democrat announced last summer that his preferred candidate for president in 2016 was Ohio Governor John Kasich – a Republican.

Now he’s spoken out a little more about his change of heart, claiming that the Democratic Party is now just as exploitive of ordinary Americans as their Republican counterparts are.

He told reporters during the Turner-CBS NCAA tournament’s media day on Tuesday:

“I don’t know why. I’m trying to figure out exactly what they’ve done for us.

The whole thing has turned me off because it’s gotten to the point where I watched the last eight years of Barack [Obama]. The Republicans disagree with every single thing he says. I feel bad for the American people.”

On that note, he added that politics is now just a game where “rich people [are] screwing poor people,” arguing that:

“Poor people are too stupid to know they’re just chess pieces in a game. All the poor white people, all the poor black people, all the Hispanics, they’re in the same boat. They’ve got no economic opportunities.

They spend all their time blaming each other because rich people throw words at them like illegal immigration and racism and things like that. If poor people ever get smart, and realize: ‘We should band together, rise up, instead of fighting each other,’ we probably can make a difference.”

The former Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns power forward also note that he originally felt Republicans were the party that always did “a good job of dividing and conquering”, particularly with their rhetoric on immigration reform.

Barkley even went so far as to call supporters of GOP delegate frontrunner Donald Trump “losers” back in December:

Barkley has been one of the more outspoken former NBA stars since his retirement from the sport in 2000.

He even floated the idea of running for governor in his native state of Alabama (as a Democrat) multiple times, but ultimately decided against it.

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