‘Charmed’ Actress Rose McGowan Says She Was Raped by Hollywood Exec Then Ordered to Stay Quiet

Actress Rose McGowan has spent nearly three decades in the Hollywood limelight, perhaps reaching the most success as her role as Paige Matthews on WB TV’s “Charmed.”

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I was born to side eye the stupids

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However, in a series of tweets sent out by the “Grindhouse” star last week, McGowan claimed she was raped by a Hollywood “studio head.”

Accompanied with the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport, McGowan stated that after she was raped, she went to a female attorney but was advised not to do anything.

According to the attorney, no one would believe McGowan’s claims since she had previously done a “sex scene” in the 1999 film “Jawbreaker.”

The attorney also said the case would never hold up against such “high up” people in the industry:

McGowan went on write that her “ex” sold the rights to “Jawbreaker” to her rapist prior to the rape:

Finally posting:

While McGowan’s string of tweets are the most forthcoming she has been about her rape thus far, it’s not the first time she has brought up the subject.

In a 2015 interview with Buzzfeed that discussed the accusations of rape against Bill Cosby, McGowan told BuzzFeed that “it’s happened to me.”

Then in September of this year, she responded to Perez Hilton, writing: “I know what rape is:”

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Take flight

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Despite acknowledging that she has been raped by a powerful person in Hollywood, McGowan has still not released the name of the alleged rapist.

McGowan’s tweets come during a sensitive time on the issue, since a growing number of women have come forward to speak about their claims of sexual assaults towards Donald Trump:


Just last week, two women spoke with The New York Times, suggesting that Trump had groped and kissed them without consent.

Another woman, Kristin Anderson, spoke with The Washington Post about an alleged incident when Trump put his hand up her skirt at a nightclub in the 90’s and forcibly touched her genitals.

Trump’s campaign has denied all accusations of any sexual assault claims.

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