Check Out How a ‘Street Artist’ Defaced Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has once again been defaced by a vandal.

A man identifying himself only as “Pøbel” wearing a mask and carrying a pizza box walked up to the star on Hollywood Boulevard over the weekend. He secretly spray painted a mute symbol over Trump’s name to the apparent delight of many bystanders who gawked and pulled out their cell phone cameras:

Image Credit: YouTube

Why “Pøbel” chose to draw the universal sign for “Mute” remains unknown, however the billionaire businessman is well-known for his distinct, booming New York accent.

Nonetheless, the graffiti is potentially not the worst thing to ever be drawn atop his Walk of Fame star. That honor would instead go to the backwards Swastika painted on the famed Hollywood sidewalk above his name earlier this year.

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