Chelsea Handler Used a Picture to Smear Melania’s Marriage—But Rest of the Room Told Another Story

During the presidential election, comedienne Chelsea Handler was a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter. She publicly supported the Democratic candidate, as well as slammed any woman who supported President Trump.

Handler was so distraught over Trump winning the election that she actually cried on television.

From foregoing her move to Spain to blaming Trump’s presidency on the Kardashians, Handler has certainly been on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the year. And now that she’s renounced her status as a Democrat, Handler is dedicated to slamming Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, as often as possible.

Most recently, Handler decided to sarcastically refer to the couple as happy, when their expression here is clearly stoic:

And she’s not the only one. Many have harped on this specific shot of the Trumps, and hinted at their expressions:

While inappropriately adding the hashtag #FreeMelania:

But what hasn’t been tweeted or hash-tagged is the full picture of that one photograph. Yes, Melania and Trump did look somber:

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

But so did Vice President Pence and his wife, Karen:

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

They were attending the inauguration luncheon honoring President Trump, and listening to facts about the history of artwork and statues, the importance of the work that will be done, and other sobering topics that elected officials of the United States should be listening to.

What Handler’s tweet doesn’t highlight is the seriousness that accompanies the role of the sitting President and First Lady. And that same severity means that while being inappropriately hash-tagged on Twitter, Melania is busy learning the inner workings of the greatest country in the world, alongside her husband.

But Handler had a little more to say about the First Lady. She also took it upon herself to discuss Melania’s English skills and intelligence in an interview with Variety.

When asked if she would host the First Lady on her show, Handler said she would not:

“No. Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

Although Melania is fluent in five languages, it’s clear her English is perfectly fine. What isn’t clear, is why a Netflix comedienne feels that the “issues” she’s been so passionate about– women’s rights, healthcare, abortion– have anything to do with the First Lady’s grammar.

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