Chris Christie Puts Hillary ‘On Trial’ with Brutal Questions at RNC–And Crowd Has Just One Response

Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie may have lost the Veepstakes, but he won over the pro-Trump crowd at the RNC with a rousing speech that put Hillary Clinton ‘on trial.’

Over and over the boisterous governor accused the former Secretary of State of a bungled foreign policy and of putting America’s secrets at risk “to keep her own.” Line after line, Christie lowered the boom on Mrs. Clinton, and the RNC crowd had one response to every charge he made.

In between the fiery responses of ‘Guilty!’ a subsection had its own chant:

Christie’s game was obviously on point.

Hillary Clinton, obviously, was not a fan.

While some relished the thought of Chris Christie leading the prosecution to put Mrs. Clinton behind bars.

Watch the most raucous part:

What do you think?

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