CNN’s Republican Pundit Gave Thousands of Dollars to Dems, Including the Chairwoman of the DNC

It turns out CNN’s spokeswoman for Republicans is not as Republican as you might think.

Ana Navarro, who has been the perpetual presence as the “Republican” on many panels across the news spectrum, has donated thousands of dollars over the past two decades to some of the most controversial and partisan leaders of the Democratic Party, a new report finds.

According to Mediaite:

CNN’s most outspoken Republican pundit has a history of giving big money to Democrats over the years.

According to a report from LifeZette, Ana Navarro has given over $18,000 to the campaigns of numerous Democrats including Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), and former Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL). She also gave $2000 to pro-Democrat organizations Democrats Win Seats and Help Elect America’s Team.

The above information is based on a Lifezette report, using data available from the Center for Responsive Politics’s donor database. The report details how Navarro, who worked as an immigration activist for years, donated to Democrats who advocated for the loosening of immigration restrictions.

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez was a recipient of Navarro’s donations because of their work together on immigration. Menendez and Navarro became very close. She supported his race in 2006 for re-election when Republicans were facing losing control of the Senate, an odd move for a Republican consultant.

According to Lifezette:

So taken with Menendez was “Republican consultant” Navarro that she helped organize three fundraisers for Menendez as control of the GOP-led Senate was at risk in late 2006.

“I want to keep a Republican majority, but not if it means losing Bob Menendez,” Navarro told The New York Times in a Sept. 28, 2006, article. “He’s part of our extended family.”

Menendez won, and the Republicans went on to lose the Senate majority in the 2006 elections — by one vote.

This loss helped undercut President George W. Bush’s presidency, something his brother Jeb Bush apparently forgave.

Navarro worked for Jeb Bush inside and outside his administration while he was governor of Florida.

Menendez will go on trial for fraud and bribery charges in September. According to Fox News:

Menendez is accused of using his Senate seat to help the business interests of Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen in return for campaign donations and expensive trips. In April, Melgen was convicted in federal court on Medicare fraud charges.

Navarro also donated $1,000 to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chairwoman who resigned in disgrace before the 2016 Democratic National Convention and is currently embroiled in a scandal involving her former IT director attempting to flee the country after smashing servers and stealing Congressional computer equipment.

Navarro responded to the report on Twitter, saying “So? …”

Navarro has been one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics. She questions his mental health regularly, could not enjoy the solar eclipse because Trump is president, and sent a tweet asking Trump not to go to Texas after Hurricane Harvey because Texans “enduring enough already.”

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