Parents Are Ordering These Controversial ‘Devices’ For Their Transgender Kids

[Editor’s note: the following article contains images some may find offensive]

The San Francisco, California, company TranZwear is home to some unique products for trans men and women. Now, some critics are worried about the company’s products designed for trans children.

A recent article by Ginger Gorman of highlighted an 11-year-old trans boy’s struggles with gender, and his parents’ support of this difficult transition.

Eleven-year-old Jake, whose real name has been withheld, had his parents order him a kit from TranZwear. He’ll now be able to stand while peeing, and he’ll even have a “packer,” which is essentially a lifelike rubber penis that gets sown into the underwear.

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Jake’s mother Ellie told that he had been waiting patiently for his package to arrive in the mail, and that he was very excited to get it.

She also explained why he felt the need for such products:

“It’s desperately important for him in order to feel comfortable and pass [as a boy] all the time.”

“I was watching him at a gymnastics class and he was being held and guided over the bars. At any of those points he could reveal that he’s not a boy with a penis.”

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It wasn’t all that easy for Ellie, though; these products were impossible to find in Australia, so she had to turn to TranZwear to help Jake. She explained, somewhat humorously:

“I’m an adult, married heterosexual woman who doesn’t have a child with a penis. I don’t really know what children’s penises look like and yet I’ve had really explicit conversations with strangers about children’s penises.”

Den Kirkwood-Tucker, a “genderqueer” man and the owner of TranZwear, spoke to

“These products are key for trans kids and adults to help them move forward in their gender transition and are not sex related items”

Not everyone is thrilled with these products, however. Many critics have taken to Twitter to show their disgust:

IJ reached out to Mr. Kirkwood-Tucker, but he had no further comment at this time.

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