The House Is Working Extra Days in 2017 to Push Through Trump’s Agenda

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy unveiled the House of Representatives’ 2017 calendar, signaling extra time for Congress to push through many of the incoming Trump administration’s agenda items.

The House will work an additional three weeks more than is typical for their calendar, bringing the total to 145 days in session.

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters in a press conference Wednesday that Republicans leaders are working with Trump’s transition team every day to “lay out what our 115th game plan is.”

While a schedule of which items will take precedence in the new Congress has yet to be released, top issues are expected to include reforming the tax code and repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

“We need to get Obamacare relief to families as fast as possible,” Ryan said. “This law — you have to remember — this law is hurting families in America…So we have to bring Obamacare relief as fast as we possibly can in 2017 and that is our plan.”

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) shrugged off the additional days of legislative business in a statement, claiming that Republicans do not have a mandate to implement their agenda as they please:

“While the House is scheduled to be in session more days than any other year since Republicans took the majority, what matters is what we do with those days.”

Hoyer noted that despite losing the presidential election, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Because of that statistic, Hoyer said, “Democrats will represent the plurality of Americans and resist Republican efforts to pursue a divisive, controversial agenda.”

“Americans want a government that works and one that is focused on creating economic opportunities for all. House Democrats stand ready to work to accomplish that goal.” Hoyer added.

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