Conservatives Remind Brian Williams of His Own Past After He Compared William Barr to ‘Baghdad Bob’


MSNBC host Brian Williams was called out by some after suggesting Attorney General William Barr may begin to be called “Baghdad Bill Barr” on Thursday.

The name was in reference to Sadam Hussein’s propagandist during the Iraq War which started in 2003. Williams suggested that Barr would have a new nickname due to what the anchor believed was allegedly an attempt to protect President Donald Trump.

“It’s already been mentioned around here, it would harken back to a conflict decades ago,” Williams said. “We would not be surprised if some headline writer somewhere came up somewhere with ‘Baghdad Bill Barr’ for what we saw today.”


However, critics responded to Williams, saying that the comments were ironic coming from the reporter. Williams was suspended for six months in 2015 for embellishing multiple stories.

Read reactions to the comments below:

“[Brian Williams] failing and falling even more on MSNBC. His ‘deployment’ to Iraq was as trying as [Sen. Richard Blumenthal] in Vietnam,” said commentator David Webb.

Scott Whitlock called Williams a “well-known liar.”

“So, the Dems made how many hundreds of accusations of collusion with no proof, AG Barr makes several comments – with evidence – that exonerate [Donald Trump] and now ‘Embellishment’ Brian Williams compares him to Baghdad Bob? Get real!” said one conservative user.

“Brian Willams on MSNBC likens Barr to ‘Baghdad Bob’ and this comes from a man who was demoted to MSNBC bc he lied about news stories,” said one account. “He’s a disgrace.”

A Fox News panel also called Williams out for the comments, saying that the media backlash didn’t make sense.

Watch the segment below:

“I’m still trying to get over Brian Williams going the Baghdad Bill Barr route my given why he’s no longer hosting the NBC Nightly News,” said Fox News contributor Guy Benson. “I think that the pile-on that we saw against the attorney general today was a little bit strange to me.”

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Williams comment was not ironic. It was hypocritical. You know, the pot calling the kettle black.


I didn’t know Brian Williams was permitted out in the public eye. Did NBC shut down?

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