Democrats Are Fuming at Gov. Rick Scott for Calling Trump Instead of Obama After Florida Shooting

On Friday, the Fort Lauderdale Airport became the scene of the latest mass murder in America.

The gunman, Esteban Santiago, opened fire at a baggage claim — killing five and injuring nine. Santiago was taken into police custody.

When it came time for Florida Governor Rick Scott to give a statement in a press conference, he perplexed reporters by saying that he had not talked to President Obama yet. Instead, he talked to President-elect Donald Trump.

Governor Scott said:

“I’ve not talked to President Obama. No, President Obama has not reached out to me. I have talked to President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence quite a few times.”

Then, Scott was asked if he had reached out to Obama. His reply, “I have not.” Scott was pressed on the issue again. His curt response was, “This is not a time to be political.”

Democrats are hammering the governor for it.

For some context about President Obama and Governor Scott’s relations, the lack of communication hasn’t cut just one way.

The Pulse nightclub terror attack was seven months ago. President Obama didn’t reach out to the Florida governor, though the attack was the worst mass shooting in American history. An Obama staffer did, but not the president.

In addition, the Obama administration turned down a request from Scott to declare a state of emergency, via the Governor’s website:

Today, the Obama Administration rejected Governor Scott’s request for an Emergency Declaration under the Stafford Act following last week’s terror attack at Pulse Nightclub.

By denying this request, the federal government will not provide the $5 million in federal funds requested by Governor Scott to help with emergency response efforts, law enforcement response, emergency medical care, counseling services and other social services to assist victims.

Donald Trump, for the record, called Rick Scott after the Pulse attack.

On the other hand, Obama reached out via phone to California Governor Jerry Brown over the state’s wildfires. To add to that, Obama reached out via phone to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon before Ferguson’s grand jury released their report.

Editor’s note: this article’s content was edited after publication.

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