Gun Used by Illegal Alien Deported 5 Times to Murder San Fran Woman Belonged to Federal Agent

New details have come to light in regard to Kate Steinle, the woman who was fatally shot at San Francisco’s Pier 14 last week.

Francisco Sanchez, the prime suspect who has since been arrested, used a gun belonging to a federal agent, the Associated Press is reporting.

While the specific agency linked to the firearm has not yet been identified, the new finding will not change the circumstances of Sanchez’s charges, per CNN legal analyst Danny Cevallos:

“It doesn’t in terms of charging this defendant… but it may mean that somebody else is going to be on the hook, and soon.”

Sanchez allegedly killed thirty-two-yea-old Steinle after having already been deported five times. In addition, San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy has come under fire for allowing him to roam freely, despite his lengthy rap sheet of “non-violent” crimes.

The victim Kate Steinle. Image credit: Facebook.

Virginia Kice, a spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), insists that the city’s immigration policies potentially put residents in danger, adding:

“All we’re asking is that [local authorities] notify us when a serious foreign national criminal offender is being released to the street so we can arrange to take custody.”

Sanctuary cities allow local police to opt out of reporting undocumented immigrants to federal authorities upon arresting them and, in some cases, allow them to be released.

The San Francisco Police Department has yet to confirm the origin of the weapon, nor have they issued a statement on the validity of the AP’s report.

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