Donald Trump Announces a Monumental Change…To His Hairstyle

Donald Trump is known for many things: His money, his wild personality, his newly mounted presidential run, and of course, his hair.

But the Donald’s signature hairstyle could be undergoing a major overhaul if he gets elected President in 2016. Speaking at a campaign event in Iowa, Trump explained how he might sculpt his golden mane:

“I would probably comb my hair back. Why? Because this thing is too hard to comb,” adding, “I wouldn’t have time, because if I were in the White House, I’d be working my a** off.”

Trump’s hair has had a long and at some times tumultuous career, as seen below:

Think Trump should slick it back? Or maybe he should go old school and sport a powdered wig like the Founding Fathers? We want your opinion. Vote now!

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