Donald Trump Jr. Makes His Dad Proud with the Best Speech of the Night–And for a Good Reason

Donald Trump Jr. took the stage at the RNC on Tuesday with a message that fired up the crowd.

First, he tried to ease the minds of people who are losing hope in America.

He said:

“For the first time parents no longer think that their kids will be as well off as we were. We’ve lost the confidence in our leaders and faith in our institutions.

But remember one thing: We are still Americans. We are still one country. And we are going to get it all back.”

Then, he delivered his address from the heart, explaining how he’s seen his dad help “Make America Great” since he was able to walk.

And he revealed how Trump takes chances on people when he sees something in them:

He took a big swing at Hillary to resounding laughter and applause:

And couldn’t help but swing again:

And then he put the nail in the coffin when he talked about his friend, Mark Geist, who survived the Benghazi attack.

He said:

“Ask Mark who is fit to lead. Who has the judgement to lead? Who will take that call at three’o’clock in the morning. Or better yet, ask yourself if you were in Mark’s shoes that night, who would you rather call?”

After all that, Donald Jr. ripped apart the Democrat party and their policies without a second thought:

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