Elizabeth Warren Gets Completely Duped by a Trump Supporter During a Photo-Op

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was once considered a favorite to be chosen as Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Despite Clinton instead choosing Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Warren has campaigned vigorously for the former first lady.

On Saturday, Warren made an appearance at Ohio State University to speak with Clinton supporters. During the event, she took direct aim at Donald Trump, referencing renewed interest in the “birther” controversy:

“Only when his handlers tied him down and forced him did he grudgingly admit that [Obama] was born in the United States. What kind of a man does that? A man with a dark and ugly soul.”

Warren also responded to Trump’s comments Friday regarding disarming Clinton’s bodyguards, accusing him of calling for violence:

“Trump has repeatedly invited his supporters to commit a horrific act of violence against his opponent, against another human being. What kind of a man does that? A bully. A twisted bully who can’t fight his own fights.”

But following her speech, a student invited her to take a selfie — and then ambushed her:

He accused her of lying about her ethnicity, and asked:

“How do you feel about losing to Trump this year?”

America noticed her quick exit:

Although Warren is campaigning against Trump on behalf of her party’s nominee Hillary Clinton, the animosity between Warren and Trump has its own history. Trump routinely calls back to accusations that Warren is not Native American as she claims, referring to her as “Pocahontas.”

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