Elizabeth Warren Says She Isn’t a ‘Person of Color’ and Can’t Understand That Experience

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While speaking to a historically black university on Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told students that she couldn’t understand what it was like to live as a “person of color.”

“I’m not a person of color,” she said, according to The Washington Post. “And I haven’t lived your life or experienced anything like the subtle prejudice, or more overt harm, that you may have experienced just because of the color of your skin.”

Her comments came amid controversy surrounding Warren’s heritage and how much Native American ancestry she had.

She claimed that heritage in a law directory before applying to Harvard University, prompting some to allege she unfairly received admission.

When Warren, a likely 2020 contender, released DNA test results, she was roundly criticized. As the Boston Globe noted at the time, “The generational range based on the ancestor that the report identified suggests she’s between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American.”

The Cherokee Nation even released a statement deriding her attempts to claim tribal heritage.

The group accused her of “undermining tribal interests” and claimed a DNA test was “useless” for determining tribal citizenship.

During her speech, Warren also accused the government of discrimination. “Rules matter, and our government — not just individuals within the government, but the government itself — has systematically discriminated against black people in this country,” she said.

While it’s unclear what exactly she was referring to, Warren has been in hot water over a similar statement she made about the criminal justice system.

As IJR previously noted, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions rebuked her after she claimed that the criminal justice system was “racist […] front to back.”

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Kenneth Hansen

If she says she is not a person of color, does that mean that she is color neutral on the human paint pallet which really is the color ‘pale’ as in pale face. (Nailed it!) But I digress. The government discriminates against me, an ordinary white guy, by taxing the begebees out of me so all the other lazy colors can get their goverment subsidies. Who is standing up for us, Lizzy?

Rick Oringel

She is neither fish nor fowl. Just a liar who promoted her career with lies. Only the liberals from Massachusetts could accwpt her her at her word.

Pat Warnock

What a fraud! Used it to get preferment at college – Warren is a disgrace.

Sharon Belhamel

As a person of color, with Native American ancestry, I find Elizabeth Warren to be a total disgrace. Stop talking about people of color. If you can’t relate to their experience, then stop pretending like you can. I would rather hear about policies the Democrats are proposing to help anyone other than themselves and their big donors. This is why I am no longer a Democrat.

Rocky Drummond

Where did she think this was going to lead?


It’s her main message: reinforce their victimization, keep them under control on the plantation. Don’t see how it helps.


I can’t “understand” what it’s like to grow up with a Jewish mother, live in L.A., vacation in the Hamptons, be a coal miners daughter, or have a domineering Italian grandmother either. We all have had different life experiences. That’s what makes life and new friends interesting! We managed to all get along before. We will never get along until we give up this PC crap as someone else stated.


Enough with this liberal white guilt PC BS.





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