Fierce Homeless Woman Guarding Trump’s Star from Future Vandals Flashes ‘Trump-Worthy’ Reason for It

Earlier this week, someone claiming his name was Jamie Otis vandalized Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame.”

He pretended to be a construction worker, and attacked the terrazzo and cement star early Wednesday morning with a pickaxe and a sledgehammer.

While police searched for Otis, who is likely to be charged with a felony, the star was surrounded by caution tape. Police have monitored the scene as well. But for one homeless woman, that wasn’t enough

The unnamed woman now stands guard at the star, protecting it from further damage and showing her support for Trump through a number of handwritten signs:

“20 million illegals and Americans sleep on streets in tents.”

“Did Hillary have sex with that woman senator Weiner’s wife.

Can Americans go to Mexico for jobs housing medicine.”

“You racist mother-f**kers vote Trump.”

“U mother-f**kers know!!! Take care home first. Vote Trump. F**k Mexico.”

According to the LAPD, vandal James Otis was arrested on Thursday. ABC News reported that Otis — heir to the Otis Elevator family and grandson of the man who invented Listerine — remains unapologetic for his actions. He gave a brief statement with his attorney present:

“I’m not at all ashamed of what I’ve done. What Mr. Trump has done is he’s derailed the entire election. I got so upset. I got so frustrated and angry and that’s why I did this.

I admitted my mistakes. And I’m now dealing with my consequences. Unlike Mr. Trump who has never admitted what he’s done.”

Otis also claimed that his intent was to auction off the Trump nameplate after he removed it from the sidewalk, giving the proceeds to the women that Trump has allegedly sexually assaulted. However, he was forced to return the nameplate upon his arrest Thursday.