CNN Correspondent Says Trump’s Words Have ‘Emboldened’ People in War Zones, Asked About Possible Danger to Reporters

CNN’s Senior International Correspondent Clarissa Ward said on Wednesday that there are people who are feeling “emboldened” by President Donald Trump’s hostile words toward the media.

Ward asked the show’s guest, Chris Cillizza:

“At what point does this become dangerous? And I am not just talking about dangerous in the terms of tearing at the social fabric; I am talking about dangerous as in a journalist gets hurt because I can tell you working overseas, in war zones, people are emboldened by the actions of this administration. Emboldened by the all-out sort of declaration of ‘War on the Media.’ […] At what point does this become reckless or irresponsible?”

Cillizza responded, “I don’t want to say we are past that point, but I will say this, Clarissa, […] I think it is already dangerous what the Trump administration is doing. […] They are trying to take an honest mistake, or not even a mistake, and turn it into the norm, […] the rule as opposed to the  exception.”

Cillizza continued, saying, “That is a very dangerous thing because that’s willfully misleading, frankly.”

The CNN commentator was referring to a story CNN retracted regarding the investigation between the Trump campaign and the Russian government due to it not meeting CNN’s editorial standards.

The three journalists involved in that story have since resigned from the news organization; however, the president’s attacks against what he calls “fake news” continued today.

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