Fox Correspondent Tears Into Hillary’s ‘Absurd’ Blaming of ‘Everybody Else’ for Election Loss

Hillary Clinton’s first post-election appearance/interview on Tuesday was one of the more newsworthy events of the past week, so it was only natural that it was a topic of this week’s “MediaBuzz” on Fox News. Chief national correspondent Ed Henry joined host Howard Kurtz, and he was not happy with how Clinton handled the postmortem.

“What’s absurd is to try to take credit for [election loss],” he said. “‘I take responsibility, this one’s on me,’ and then [she] name[d] five other people and five other situations that allegedly were to blame.”

In the context of Clinton’s entire interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, though, it did appear that Clinton was teasing a more detailed mea culpa in her upcoming book.

Henry was also less than thrilled with Amanpour’s questions.

“I’ve got great respect for Christiane, I worked with her at CNN,” he said. “But if you look at the speech she gave a couple months ago about Donald Trump, comparing him to a dictator who might kill journalists around the world, essentially, the easy questioning of Hillary Clinton is absurd.”

The segment ended with Henry saying that “most other failed presidential candidates leave the stage, [but] she just can’t seem to do it.” This is in spite of the Amanpour interview being Clinton’s first interview and public appearance of note in the six months since Election Day.

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