Game On, Donald: Hillary to Release 2015 Tax Returns This Week, 10 Years of Tim Kaine’s

The question of whether — and if not, why not — Donald Trump will release his tax returns prior to the election has dogged The Donald for over a year. The pressure is about to get worse.

A source close to the Clinton campaign told ABC News that Hillary’s 2015 tax returns will be released as early as Friday — along with 10 years of returns of running mate Tim Kaine.

Hillary and some in the media have slammed Trump for months over his refusal to release his returns, suggesting he must have something to hide.

Trump continues to claim he is under audit — and when the audit is complete he will release his returns:

“I’m just going to put you people to rest: Until my audit is finished, very simple, you are not going to see anything.”

The IRS said in a February statement:

“Nothing prevents individuals from sharing their own tax information.”

However, Robert Kovacev, a tax lawyer at Steptoe & Johnson and a former counsel in the Justice Department’s tax division said “it might not be smart” for Trump to release his returns while under audit.

Meanwhile, Hillary has every intention of continuing to apply pressure on The Donald over this taxes. She told an enthusiastic crowd in May:

“What about his taxes? When you run for president — especially when you become the nominee — that is kind of expected.

My husband and I have released 33 years of tax returns. We got eight years on our website right now.

So you got to ask yourself why doesn’t he want to release them?”

Incidentally, 19 of the last 20 presidential candidates have released their returns — Gerald Ford released only a summary. Most did so about 200 days prior to the election.

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