Gavin McInnes Explains ‘Sexist’ Comments That Ruffled Feathers…By Totally Doubling Down on Them

Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice and current Fox News staple, is no stranger to controversy. He has been ruffling feathers for years now with his thoughts on transphobia, emotional women voters and women with short hair.

Last week, however, he caused more of a stir than usual when the outspoken, self-proclaimed rebel appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and told a female panelist that women earn less money because they choose to and that they are less ambitious than men:

The public outcry by those on the left was harsh and immediate. It got so bad that McInnes took to Youtube to defend himself.

The video is titled “Career women: Stop throwing away your ovaries!” In it, McInnes goes over several data points that suggest feminism is at the root of an increase in unhappiness among women, doubling down on the assertions he made with Hannity:

“I broke the Internet this weekend by saying totally sane things that all normal dads agree with,” he said. “This is called trolling in this day and age.”

He also expounded on what he was trying to accomplish with last week’s appearance on Fox News:

“I was just trying to illustrate that being a housewife is a great career that gets totally overlooked by the feminist dogma,” he said.

“When you trivialize being a housewife, and you trivialize being a mom, you do women a huge disservice.”

He ended the video with a plea for women to “stop throwing their ovaries in the garbage.”

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