‘Go F*** Yourself’: Obscene Anti-Gun Holiday Cards Target Lawmakers — in Their Own Homes

Image Credit: Ron Hicks

As the holiday season begins, the Christmas cards begin to arrive in the mailbox. But several Missouri lawmakers received cards just before the Thanksgiving holiday — and it’s not likely that any of these will be placed on display.

Ron Hicks, a two-term Republican state rep from Missouri’s 107th district, shared his thoughts on Facebook:

Dear Facebook friends,
I received a letter in the mail today that was kind of disturbing to me. I get that we as humans may not see eye to eye on everything but I have to believe the majority of U.S citizens still stand and believes in their Second Amendment rights Senate Bill 656 was just that, protecting 1 of our rights. So I am asking all of my Facebook friends that believe in their Second Amendment rights to write a letter back or drop a postcard to the PO Box below to let them know where you stand.

Thank you. PS. Please share

In addition, Hicks shared a photo of his card with Independent Journal Review:

Image Credit: Ron Hicks/Independent Journal Review

The card reads:

Dear NRA Puppet –

SB 656 is a horror. You’re allowing mayhem and sanctioning murder w/ its passage. So, when inevitable gun violence carnage skyrockets in MO, don’t issue your worthless “thoughts & prayers” b/c that’s like praying for a fire to extinguish itself while actively pouring gasoline on it.

…to hear that you supported SB 656.

Please hurry up and go f**k yourself.

The Betsy Riot

One of Hicks’ colleagues, Mark Parkinson, commented that he too had received what he referred to as “fan mail”:

Image Credit: Facebook

Here’s a closer look at Parkinson’s card:

I love getting fan mail…especially from Minnesota!

Posted by Mark A. Parkinson on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

His card reads:

Dear NRA Puppet –

Congrats on making MO’s gun laws even sh***ier w/ SB 656. When the violence spikes as a direct result, kindly spare us your “thoughts & prayers.” Coming from a legislator who supports the proliferation of guns in society, “thoughts & prayers” are worthless and insulting.

F**K your thoughts & prayers.

The Betsy Riot

The comments on both photos suggested that several other Missouri legislators were the recipients of similar cards, all sent from “the Betsy Riot.”

According to the group’s Facebook page, the Betsy Riot is an anti-gun group that engages in social protests against the NRA and any group or politician that supports 2nd Amendment rights.

Most of the group’s protests appear to amount to childish disruptions:


Or straight up vandalism:


The law they are protesting in Missouri, SB 656, was passed in an override of Democrat Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s veto and allows “constitutional carry” — i.e. the right for legal gun owners in the state to carry their firearms (open or concealed) without an additional permit.

But as Hicks noted, it’s not the political differences of opinion that he takes issue with. Hicks informed Independent Journal Review that his card was not sent to his office in Jefferson City — rather, it arrived at his private home where his young children could have opened it.

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