Google Home Disables All Religious References After Controversy Over Jesus Answer

Google has decided to get rid of religion altogether after its virtual assistant was unable to answer questions about Jesus.

The tech giant has garnered attention because its smart speaker, Google Home, wasn’t programmed to give any answers about Jesus Christ’s identity but could provide information about Buddha, Muhammad, and Satan, The Christian Post reported.

In a statement shared via Twitter, Google claimed it didn’t provide an answer to the question “Who is Jesus?” because the company wanted to “ensure respect”:

Television producer David Sams, who has been following this story, took to Facebook Live to address Google’s decision to pull its answers to questions about all religious figures. He called the move “a big victory” for Christians.

Now, this is what Google Home says to religion-themed questions:

“Religion can be complicated, and I’m still learning.”

Sams noted it’s “better to be on par, than you ‘don’t know who Jesus is.'”

How Google will ultimately decide to handle the issue is not yet clear, but it will certainly matter to a lot of Americans. According to research from NPR and Edison Research, one in six Americans — or 39 million people — own a smart speaker.

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