Watch: Harrowing Video Captures Child Flying Off Water Slide During Its Grand Opening

The grand opening of a water park in California was not without incident this past weekend.

According to the East Bay Times, The Wave Waterpark, located in Dublin, California, held its grand opening on May 27. During the opening, a 10-year-old boy flew off a waterslide called the “Emerald Plunge.”


The Emerald Plunge features a three-story drop down an 80-degree slope. Riders of the Plunge are instructed to cross their arms and legs.

As the East Bay Times reports, it was only 90 minutes after the slide opened that the young boy flew off the slide and onto the concrete next to it.

A Bay Area News Group photographer caught the harrowing incident on camera.

Dublin Assistant City Manager Linda Smith was one of the first people to rush to the boy’s aid. She told the East Bay Times:

“He got up immediately and as any boy would be, he was stunned. I was worried if he was mentally okay, but physically he just had some scrapes.”

A spokesperson for the park told the media that both the “Emerald Plunge” and the “Dublin Screamer” — a slide that sits directly adjacent to the Plunge — are closed indefinitely. The slides are being re-evaluated despite having been tested “scores of times.”

The spokesperson explained:

“We’re not going to open it until we know what happened.”

A video posted to “The Wave’s” official Facebook page shows a “slide inspector” going down the “Emerald Plunge.” At the end of the video, the inspector’s feet can be seen whipping to the left just like the 10-year-old:

Posted by Juliette Goodrich on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

According to the East Bay Times, park officials may “increase the water pressure to slow riders down and add weight limits” in order to fix the issue. Prior to the accident, there was only a height requirement.

Luckily, as ABC News reports, the boy was a bit shaken after the incident but only suffered a few scratches to his back and shoulders.

The harrowing incident comes almost one year after a boy from Kansas City died while riding the Verrückt at the Schlitterbahn Waterpark.

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