HERO: Officer Who Killed OSU Campus Attacker Was Featured In Active Shooter Training Video One Year Ago

Monday morning, Ohio State University was ravaged by an attacker who drove a car into a group of students, exited the vehicle wielding a butcher knife and began stabbing anyone within reach. That man, named Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was confronted mere minutes after the first 911 call over the incident and was shot dead by OSU Police Officer Alan Horujko.

Ten people suffered non-life-threatening injuries after the attack but Officer Horujko’s quick, heroic actions may have saved countless more.

Officer Horujko joined The Ohio State University police department in January of 2015.

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The Cincinnati, Ohio, native was in prime, prepared condition to take control of today’s horrific moment, based on a video uncovered by IJR. In a chilling twist of events, Officer Horujko was featured in a ‘Surviving an Active Shooter’ training video made by the Ohio State campus administration just over a year ago.

In a training video aimed at helping students and campus workers prepare for an active shooter, Horujko and his fellow officers can be seen confronting a violent, armed man.

In one scene, Horujko runs to a police car, responding to a call much like he did today.

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In another, he has a handgun drawn and is confronting a violent young man on campus with a team of other armed officers.

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In the training video, the man surrenders and lies on the ground.

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Horujko puts him in cuffs and leads him out to a waiting police car as the credits roll.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 5.06.19 PM Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 5.07.28 PM Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 5.07.06 PM

Artan, Monday’s violent suspect, didn’t go as peacefully. Officer Horujko was nonetheless prepared to use quick, lethal force to terminate the threat to the students he swore to protect.

In an interview with the school newspaper in January of 2015, Horujko describes leaving his Ohio State engineering career for a life of public service:

“I just couldn’t see myself sitting in a cubicle,” Horujko said of his decision to leave engineering and pursue law enforcement.

“By working (at Student Safety Services) and seeing what the police do, and what Student Safety does on the campus, the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff really led me to a law enforcement career,” he said.

Horujko certainly was not sitting in a cubicle today. The video serves as a chilling reminder of how good training and preparedness by officers like Horujko can save lives.

It did today.

You can watch the video, below:

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