50 Pictures of Hollywood Celebrities That Show Just How Much They Really Support ‘Gun Control’

The NRA released a list of “anti-gun” celebrities in 2013 (now deleted from its website). It included Hollywood actors and actresses who have supported gun control measures, such as the Brady Law or the Assault Weapons Ban, or have otherwise stated their support of firearms restrictions.

Despite their reported support for gun control, the following 50 celebrities have appeared on television or in movies as characters who used firearms, and in some cases, their roles arguably glamourized the use of guns.

1. Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson holds a Beretta 92FS in Stargate SG-1. Anderson’s character MacGyver was the head of “Handgun Control, Inc.”

2. Tim Roth

Tim Roth uses a DefTech 40mm multi launcher in The Incredible Hulk. He has appeared in at least 7 films where he has used or carried a firearm.

3. Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick holds her Glock 26 in The Closer.

4. Ed Asner

Ed Asner holds a Single Action Army in the film El Dorado.

5. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore holds dual nickel Quickdraw SAAs in Bad Girls. In Hollywood, that would definitely make her a “bad girl.”

6. Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi hoists a Star Model BM in Vampires: Los Muertos.

7. Steve Buscemi

Buscemi points an M1911A1 as Tony Blundetto on The Sopranos. He has appeared in at least 7 films using or carrying a firearm.

8. Billy Crystal

Crystal holds a Colt Python in Analyze That. Even psychiatrists might need to carry a gun in the real world.

9. Danny DeVito

DeVito carries an S&W Model 65 as Ralph in Romancing the Stone. His character definitely need an “equalizer.”

10. Richard Dreyfuss

Dreyfuss unloads a Thompson in Dillinger. Such gangster films have long been a staple of Hollywood’s glamorization of robbers, outlaws, and mafioso.

11. David Arquette

Arquette holds a Colt Navy in WIld Bill. It is no small irony that his character in the Scream films police officer Dewey fights a masked murderer who wields a knife against his unarmed victims before finally stabbing Dewey.

12. David Duchovny

David Duchovny holds a Mossberg 500 shotgun as Eugene Sands in Playing God. He carried several handguns as FBI Agent Fox Mulder in the X-files.

13. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin points a Colt MK IV Series 80 in Heaven’s Prisoners. Baldwin has carried or used a firearm in at least 10 films.

14. Kevin Bacon

As Bobby Hayes in R.I.P.D., Bacon wielded a Remington 870. He used or carried a firearm in at least 8 films.

15. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker with a Glock 19 in Striking Distance.

16. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster fires a Kahr K9 in The Brave One.

17. Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline holds a Walther P5 with a silencer in A Fish Called Wanda.

18. Madonna

Who’s that girl? It’s Madonna holding a Beretta 92F pistol.

19. Mike Myers

Spoofing James Bond, Mike Myers has used many classic pistols in his role of Austin Powers. Here, he’s holding a Walther PPK/S .

20. Richard Belzer

Belzer holds a a “Non-gun” here, but his character Detective John Munch has carried a number of Glocks; particularly, the Glock 17, 18, and 19 models.

21. Beau Bridges

Bridges points an H&K MP5KA4 in Max Payne.

22. George Clooney

Clooney fires a Beretta 92FS as Maj. Archie Gates in Three Kings. Clooney has appeared in at least 11 films using or carrying a firearm.

23. Kevin Costner

Costner with a Smith & Wesson Model 15 in Perfect World. He has appeared in no less than 16 films using or carrying a firearm, including Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

24. Sean Connery

The original James Bond, Connery holds his signature Walther PPK in Dr. No. James Bond is an iconic gun-wielding superagent in Hollywood lore.

25. Matt Damon

Another take on the superagent thriller is that of Jason Bourne, a rogue spy played by Matt Damon. Damon has carried or used an array of weaponry across 15 films.

26. Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas memorably played anti-hero D-Fens in Falling Down, who is shown here holding an Uzi. He is appeared in at least 10 films carrying or using a firearm.

27. Jane Fonda

Well-known political activist Jane Fonda holds a Remington 1866 Derringer in Cat Ballou.

28. Richard Gere

Richard Gere gets the hose treatment in An Officer and a Gentleman while holding a Navy-issue rifle. Gere has appeared in at least 7 films using or carrying firearms.

29. Ethan Hawke

Hawke wields a Beretta 92FS in Training Day. He has appeared in at least 8 films using or carrying a gun.

30. Dustin Hoffman

Across 6 films, Hoffman used or carried a number of guns, including this Hawk MM1 grenade launcher in Ishtar.

31. Diane Keaton

Keaton holds an AKS-47 selective-fire automatic weapon in The Little Drummer Girl.

32. Lisa Kudrow

Kudrow holds a Brown Bess Flintlock Musket as Phoebe on Friends.

33. Denis Leary

Leary holds a Kayaba Type 90 flare pistol in Demolition Man. He has used or carried a gun in at least 6 films.

34. John Leguizamo

Leguizamo holds an M1911A1 in Executive Decision. He has appeared in at least 11 films holding or carrying a firearm.

35. Michelle Pfieffer

Pfeiffer holds a Smith & Wesson Model 19 in Married to the Mob.

36. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep aims a BSA Lee-Speed Sporter rifle in Out of Africa.

37. Jack Nicholson

Nicholson points a Colt New Service as Jack Napier (aka The Joker) in Batman. He has appeared in at least 10 films using or carrying a gun.

38. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone with a Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolver in Catwoman. She has appeared in at least 7 films using or carrying a firearm.

39. Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid with a Smith & Wesson Model 49 Bodyguard in The Big Easy. Quaid has used or carried firearms in at least 12 films.

40. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan points a Beretta 92SB-C in Innerspace. She also played a Corporal in Courage Under Fire.

41. Martin Sheen

Sheen has carried or used a firearm in at least 9 films, including this gun in The Cassandra Crossing.

42. Mira Sorvino

Sorvino holds a SIG-Sauer P226 pistolas an FBI agent in Free Money. She also carried a weapon in The Replacement Killers and The Final Cut.

43. Robert Redford

As the iconic Sundance Kid, Robert Redford took on the Bolivian army with a Colt Single Action Army revolver. He carried or used a gun in at least 10 films.

44. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts plays the quintessential role of a woman in need of self-defense as she holds a H&K P9S in Sleeping with the Enemy. She carried or used a gun in at least 3 other films.

45. Vanessa Williams

Once a Miss America pageant winner, the former beauty queen appeared in two films where she used or carried a gun: Hoodlum and Eraser. Here, she holds an S&W Bodyguard.

46. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone. Presented without further comment.

47. Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman carried a Star Firestar as Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill: Volume 2.

48. Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver has used or carried a gun in at least 8 films.

49. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones points an automatic weapon as a Russian spy in Reds 2. She has carried or used a firearm in at least 5 other movies.

50. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has appeared in at least 21 films using a gun and has dramatically killed at least 509 animals, robots or people.

Undoubtedly, these celebrities support gun control with the best of intentions, but as Pew Research pointed out, gun homicides are down 49% since its peak in 1993. And CNN has repeatedly debunked the often-stated notion that mass shootings are on the rise.

Around 2.5% of all homicides in America were committed with rifles in 2011, and according to the FBI, only a fraction of those were “assault” rifles.

Now, the only question that remains: Wherever would Americans get the idea they need guns to defend themselves?

Images (non-gif) and gun usage info via the Internet Movie Firearms Database at IMDFB.org.

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