Democrats Stage Sit-In for Gun Control. Meanwhile, Outside Their Chamber

On Monday, the Senate voted down four gun control measures, two sponsored by Republicans and two by Democrats.

The Democratic bills would remove Second Amendment rights for individuals on the terror watch list and no-fly list, a measure called “No Fly, No Buy.”

The second would expand the use of background checks for “peer to peer” gun sales.

So on Wednesday, House Democrats held a rare sit-in on the chamber floor, in the hopes of persuading House Speaker Paul Ryan to consider holding a vote on gun control legislation this term.

The US Capitol is a gun-free zone, and its grounds are guarded by dozens of armed security.

The members of Congress were calling for limits on the Second Amendment, while protected by armed men.

Image Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Senior members in both chambers even have their own armed security details.

The Capitol and its surrounding buildings are protected by armed guards because of the bomb and terror threats that are regularly made against members of Congress:

According to the U.S. Capitol Police’s website, every officer has to complete firearms training in order to graduate.

The federal government has also implemented strict security protocols at the Capitol.

Visitors to the Capitol and its attached office buildings are required to go through a metal detector to enter, and all mail is pre-screened before it can go to its designated member of Congress.

.Editor’s Note: This story was updated after publishing.

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