In Socialist Nightmare Venezuela: Armored Military Vehicle Runs Over Protesters of Government

Warning: This post contains graphic imagery and may upset some viewers.

At one time Venezuela was the wealthiest country in Latin America, but that all dramatically changed after it put a socialist government in power.

In 2016, amidst food shortages, Venezuelans crossed the border into Colombia and Brazil to purchase groceries. Now food is so scarce, people are padlocking their refrigerators, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The unlivable conditions had protesters flooding the streets on Thursday in Caracas, the country’s capital. The protesters brought government authorities out in full-force, and things took a turn for the deadly.

According to NBC News:

A video from Venezuela that has gone viral shows a David and Goliath-like clash between protesters and the police in the Caracas neighborhood of Altamira.

A group of young people chase riot police with sticks and stones; authorities then fire on the crowd with tear gas as an armored vehicle pushes back protesters and rolls over people in the crowd. The tank is then engulfed in flames.

One person died as a result of the incident, with others injured. In response, CNN reports the government is calling the protesters terrorists but says what happened is under investigation.

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