Internet Goes Wild After People Find Out What’s on Hero’s T-Shirt Censored by Cable News Network

A heroic man captured national attention for his action rescuing a baby from a hot car in New Jersey. But it was the way his interview on CNN-owned Headline News went down that has truly gone viral.

The man at the center of the story is Steve Eckel, a retired police officer who used a sledgehammer to break into a parked car at a New Jersey Kohl’s, as reported by CBS News on Wednesday. The baby was taken from the vehicle, which Eckel said had reached a temperature of over 120 degrees.

HLN had Eckel on to get his story about the rescue, but apparently was not interested in getting all of his free speech. The network aired the interview… while blurring his T-shirt out.

Screenshot - 9_1_2016 , 11_33_24 AM

What was on the retired police officer’s shirt that was so controversial? An expletive-laded shirt? An image containing nudity? No. All Lives Matter? Support America’s Police Officers? Nope, it was a “2016 Trump” T-shirt.


An interview version that arose after the segment originally aired shows exactly what was on the man’s shirt. It was too late, however, the bias of the network had already been shown.

News followers on Twitter were not amused:

The only question someone needs to ask: Would CNN or HLN have done this if a guest was wearing a pro-Hillary T-shirt?

What do you think?

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