The Internet’s Reaction to Maddow’s Big ‘Scoop’ on Trump’s Taxes Shows Just How Badly Stunt Backfired

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow set the internet ablaze with anticipation on Tuesday night when she teased the release of President Donald Trump’s taxes.

But when the big reveal finally happened, it seemed to fall dreadfully flat. Conservatives and Trump supporters reveled in the major flop, comparing it to Geraldo Rivera’s infamous Al Capone vault debacle, while many on the left were also left disappointed by the lackluster scoop.


The two-page tax return from 2005 showed Trump earned $150 million and paying about $38 million in federal taxes. Trump has been accused of paying nothing in taxes in the past. As Independent Journal Review’s Joe Perticone reported, the White House also released details on the tax return while Maddow took her time to reveal the information she possessed.

The reaction on Twitter was brutal. Donald Trump Jr. even got in on the action.

There was a lot of comparing the moment to Al Capone’s empty vault:

And countless others piled on:

Twitter can be a very unforgiving place.

Meanwhile, even CNN’s Van Jones admitted that revealing Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005 made it a “good night” for the president.

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Rachel Maddow Obtained Trump’s Tax Returns, Showing How Much He Paid in 2005

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