Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Iranian Parliament and Shrine Attacks


Assailants unleashed an attack Wednesday morning inside the Iranian parliament building and at a major shrine honoring Iran’s founder, killing at least 12 people and injuring many others, the BBC reports. While law enforcement has not confirmed the motivation of the culprits, the Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility.

If confirmed, this will be ISIS’s first attack within Iran; however, the group has been releasing propaganda pieces this year within the Islamic Republic.

The attackers at the shrine reportedly used suicide bombs. Law enforcement was able to stop one attacker from detaining his suicide bomb; however, another attacker was able to get the explosion off.

According to Iranian Press TV, the attackers at the shrine were made up of three men and one woman. The three surviving attackers have been arrested.

At the parliament building, attackers entered wearing women’s clothing and began firing on individuals immediately once inside using AK-47 rifles and at least one handgun.

Iran’s government is set to hold an emergency security meeting in the wake of the attacks.

While there have been rumors on social media that a hostage situation took place, Iranian officials have denied these notions, according to the BBC. Additionally, it is reported that all four of the attackers in the parliament building have been killed.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with additional information.

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