Israel Gets ‘Outrageous’ Treatment From Olympic Team That Finds Out Who They’re Sharing a Bus With

Team Israel’s trip to Brazil went smoothly. However, when it came time to represent their country at the opening ceremonies, things escalated quickly, BBC News reports.

The team was about to get on their bus to take them to the games, but when the other team on the bus realized they were traveling with Israel, they tried to stop them from boarding.

Y Net News reported on Israeli athlete Udi Gal’s account of the incident:

“The 2016 Olympics – a disgrace!!” wrote Gal in a Facebook post. “(When) Israel’s Olympic delegation got ready to board the bus for the opening ceremony, it turned out the bus was shared with the Lebanese delegation.

Once the members of the Lebanese delegation realized they were (sharing the bus) with the Israeli delegation, they asked the driver to close the door, with their delegation leader heading (the effort).”

“I insisted and we insisted that we get on the intended bus, and if the Lebanese don’t want (to ride with us), they are welcome to get off (of it). The bus driver opened the door, but this time the head of the Lebanese delegation blocked the entrance with his body.

Before things got physical, though, Israel and Lebanon both boarded separate buses. Head of the Israeli delegation, Gili Lustig, confirmed the incident.

There were some pretty strong reactions to what Team Lebanon did, as well as against Team Israel:

The Olympic committee has yet to comment on the matter regarding Israel and Lebanon.

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