11 Cringeworthy Moments That Show Why Jen Psaki Is PERFECT for Her New Job at the White House

For the past couple of years, Jen Psaki has been a spokeswoman at the State Department. However, it appears that she is getting a promotion.

According to the Washington Times, Psaki will move over from the State Department and will become the new White House communications director. She’ll be in charge of crafting the White House’s communications strategy:

“’I’d say Jen is irreplaceable — if Jen Psaki hadn’t agreed to step in,’ Mr. Obama said. ‘I fully trust Jen — and I am thrilled she’s agreed to come back to the White House as communications director.’

When Jay Carney departed last year as White House press secretary, there was speculation that Ms. Psaki would get the post. Instead the president chose Josh Earnest, who had served as Mr. Carney’s chief deputy.

Ms. Psaki has been part of Mr. Obama’s team since 2007, when she was traveling press secretary during his first presidential campaign. She also served in that role for Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.”

Jen Psaki has made a name for herself at the State Department, but it wasn’t always a flattering name. Here are some of her more controversial moments.

1. In May 2014, Jen Psaki said that President Obama “doesn’t give himself enough credit” for his successes.

2. In April 2014, Psaki launched a social media attack on Russia that was nearly universally ridiculed as “hashtag diplomacy.”


3. In February 2015, following up on White House comments about a terrorist attack on a Kosher deli being ‘random,’ Psaki refused to say the attack was “anti-Jewish”:

4. In December 2014, Psaki was caught on live mic calling her own talking points on Egypt “ridiculous”:

5. In September 2014, Psaki appeared on the Megyn File and vainly tried to defend the Obama administration from charges that it underestimated ISIS:

6. Also in September, Psaki couldn’t say if the United States was at war with ISIS or not. This was despite the fact that airstrikes had been ongoing for over a month.

7. Last month, Psaki couldn’t give CNN a straight answer on whether or not the U.S. negotiates with terrorists.

8. In June 2013, reporter Matt Lee seemed to confuse Psaki on the difference between concessions and demands:

9. In July 2013, Psaki was confronted by Lee again and was destroyed on the subject of Obama transparency:

10. In October 2014, Psaki asserted the White House had a comprehensive strategy to take on ISIS, but couldn’t name one administration success:

11. Finally last week, Psaki denied that the U.S. was being run out of town after being forced to close its embassy in Yemen.

Psaki takes over her new post on April 1st. No Joke.

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