Jill Stein’s Recount Crusade Isn’t Helping Dems — It Just Exposed Sketchy Voter Activity in Detroit

When Donald Trump claimed in early 2016 that the election system was “rigged,” political pundits were quick to dismiss the idea — calling it a ploy to “provide sore losers with a way to save face.”

Following Trump’s Election Day victory, those claims suddenly seemed to take on a whole new validity. Green party candidate Jill Stein’s multi-million dollar recount effort even earned the support of the Clinton campaign.

Mere days after the Michigan Supreme Court put an end to Stein’s recount attempt in their state, though, Reuters reports that a disturbing finding emerged from “heavily Democratic Detroit” — one that might not bode well for the Clinton campaign.

On Tuesday, The Detroit News revealed that “voting machines in more than one-third of all Detroit precincts registered more votes than they should have during last month’s presidential election.”

Specifically, records from Wayne County — which includes Detroit — indicate that there were more votes recorded than there were voters in 248 out of the city’s total 662 precincts.

Following the news, State Elections Director Chris Thomas indicated that the state would conduct an audit of at least 20 precincts in Detroit:

Chairwoman of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers Krista Haroutunian echoed the concerning nature of these findings:

“There’s always going to be small problems to some degree, but we didn’t expect the degree of problem we saw in Detroit.

This isn’t normal.”

While at first it might look like troubling news for President-elect Trump — who took Michigan by roughly 10,000 votes — any significant reduction in votes out of Detroit seems more likely to hurt Clinton.

As The Hill notes:

Democrat Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won in Detroit and in Wayne County, which historically has voted for Democrats.

The Associated Press reported that Clinton won 95 percent of Detroit’s vote.

If the audit does end up yielding fewer votes for Clinton in Wayne County, it wouldn’t be the first time the former presidential hopeful has been burned by Stein’s recount efforts.

In Wisconsin — the only state to actually conduct a complete recount so far — President-elect Trump actually increased his margin of victory by an additional 162 votes.

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